About Palmer Flags

As a seventeen year old working for a local department store, Brad Palmer seized an opportunity to start his own venture. With the encouragement of family, Brad left his 9 to 5 job and joined the 7 to 7 set. 1981 saw the development of an upmarket range of corporate gifts. These included a series of single, twin and triple desk top flag sets complete with company image and national flags. The bases of these were made of a marble like material and featured gold plated brass flagpoles complete with rope for a hoisting. The garage was slowly transformed into a functional work area.

A sample range was set up, a suit and tie purchased, and the following few years were spent promoting and manufacturing . It was inevitable that with the fabrication of mini desk top flags for many prestigious companies, the natural progression into large corporate and national flags would take place.

Around 1986 a second hand singer sewing machine was purchased along with materials for the setup of screen printing. Again the business diversified with the growing demand for all things associated within the industry. A complete service was then setup to include the installation of large scale flagpoles, car yard and estate development displays, shopping centres major events such as Indy car racing .

A small shop and factory has been established since those early days and product development is still a major priority. We now supply flags and flagpoles to a host of schools, clubs, councils and the home user. Our flags can be seen all over this city and beyond, the most predominant of course being lifesaving flags on all local beaches within the region, and flags flying high above major stores, and high rise buildings.

We are proud of our early beginnings as we are proud of finished products today. 2016 is our 35th year of manufacturing and we look forward to many more years of quality products.